About Transformations

TRANSFORMATIONS” is a Christ Centered bible study for the marketplace. The plan is to make it a daily devotional however, we are open to the move  [leading, direction, guidance] of the Holy Spirit and you may receive one a day or even multiple devotionals a day; you may see just one a week depending on how the Holy Spirit wants to move.
We believe that the Holy Spirit has shown us that there is a concern about putting out a Word of God to rapidly or frequently. Sometimes we need to take a while to think on and meditate on what He is telling us in order to properly apply it to our lives. Other times He may want to reinforce a previous message with one that quickly follows.
Also it is important to be sensitive to the fact that we are a Body of Christ, a community of believers and we are growing. Each one of us are in a different place a different season in our lives, at various stages of maturity and as a result have unique needs that only the Holy Spirit truly knows. It is our desire to give Him complete liberty to 
speak into [minister to] our lives as He sees best. If you  receive a devotional that you feel is not for you then pray for those among us who need it.
And finally, it is not our intention to offend anyone or be demeaning or cast a spirit of superiority in any way, shape or form. We merely desire to be who we are called to be. If, after you start receiving these bible studies, you do not want to receive this devotional please simply elect to unsubscribe.
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Lastly, if you have a prayer need please let us know below