“I have…determined to do his will.”  Isa 50:7


Isaiah said,
 “I have set my face like a stone, determined to do His will.”

You’ll never have real success with anything until you 
become passionate about it.
The Psalmist wrote, 
“My heart is steadfast” (Ps 57:7).
The word “steadfast” means to have a commitment that’s as strong as rock.
  • Henry Ford was passionate about automobiles.
  • Thomas Edison was passionate about light.
  • The Wright Brothers were passionate about flying.
  • Paul was passionate about evangelism.
You will only be remembered in life for what you were passionate about.

Standing before Pilate, who tried to judge Him, Jesus said, 
“For this reason I was born, and for this I came into the world”  (Jn 18:37).
  • Eight inches of thorns would crush His brow.
  • A spear would puncture His side.
  • Spikes would be driven into His hands.
  • Thirty-nine stripes would tear His back to shreds.
What He felt most passionate about could only be achieved through pain. The same will be true in your life. You may feel insignificant. You may have to start out small. But when what you love begins to consume your mind, your thoughts, your conversation, your finances, and your schedule– then and only than are you headed for success in spite of the pain.
  • Do you dread going to work?
  • Do you watch the clock?
  • Does your mind wander to other places and things you would rather be doing?
  • Are you allowing yourself to develop an entitlement mentality?
  • Are you giving up just because the first step you took you fell?
Then you won’t succeed. Find something you feel passionate about, something that energizes you, something worthy of building your life around. Jesus did, and He won victory over sin, death and the grave; He overcame the world for us; He became the Author and Finisher of our faith; He has and still is 
transforming the lives of those who choose to follow Him:
  • We are now a “new creature”                       2 Corinthians 5:17
  • We possess a “new nature”                          Eph 2
  • We are no longer condemned                      John 3:18
  • We have “everlasting life”                            John 3:16
  • We are a “child of God”                               Romans 8:16
  • We are “heirs of God”                                  Romans 8:17
  • We are given “peace”                                  John 14:27
  • The Spirit of God dwells in us                       Romans 8:9
  • Our names are in the “Book of Life”              Philippians 4:3
By the way, as I read the accounts of the life of Jesus, He displayed passion by His commitment to the will of the Father; He did not compromise; He was steadfast and intense about His mission but He did not succumb to the ups and downs of emotionalism. He did not let the issues of life bother Him like having to deal with the dysfunction of His disciples. During His physical life here on earth His passion for doing the will of The Father was marked by a steady, no compromise commitment because He knew who He was, He knew His mission, and most importantly He knew His Father.
  • Do you know who you are in Christ?
  • Do you know your mission in the Kingdom of God?
  • Do you know The Father?
Get those issues settledin your Born Again Spirit allowing that “knowing” to flow through your mind, will and emotions and it will be easy to gain a passion [quiet confidence market by determination; integrity, and commitment] for what He has called you for; to advance His Kingdom not yours.

The Word of God says, 
“BE STILL and Know that I AM God” [Psalm 46:10]. Being STILL in our soul [mind, will, and emotions] allows us to hear the voice of God [that still small voice] which leads to that quiet yet bold confidence in knowing who we are in Christ, our mission in the Kingdom and knowing the Father will cause us / drive us to having the type of passion required to allow the Holy Spirit to operate [lead, direct, motivate, teach, counsel, etc.] in our lives.

You may possess a high and emotional level of energy but do not let that confuse you with Christ like passion [determination, desire, hunger, thirst, and craving to accomplish a determined end].

Christ’s kind of Passion comes from 
Knowing [Christ, mission and the Father];commitment; a no compromising mind; focus;follow through; etc. leading to Godly integrity and character and the manifestation of the Fruit of the Spirit [Gal 5:19-26] and the accomplishment of that which you’ve been called to do.

Jesus last words on the cross included the phrase,
“IT IS FINISHED”.Jesus accomplished the mission His Father sent Him on because He was passionate about fulfilling His mission and fulfilling the will of His [our] Father and thus was able to endure the pain of living in this world and the suffering on the cross.

Mission Accomplished through pain. He saw through the pain because He Knew His Father, His destiny, and His Glory. Jesus said that in this world we will have tribulation but be of good cheer for I [Jesus] have overcome the world.

Isn’t that interesting that we can endure pain and tribulation with “good cheer” [joyfulness] because of Him.

Do you know who you really are in Christ? [Do you even know Him yet?]

[Your new nature; the grace and mercy of Christ; your destiny; your true relationship with the Creator]

Do you know your mission in the Kingdom of God?

[Jesus made it clear – what we do in life and the vocation we are in is to advance the Kingdom of God]

Do you really know The Father? 

[Personally and for yourself; experiencing true intimacy?]      
Selah! [Think on these things].

Let me know your thoughts.

The disciple that Jesus loves,